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Pertosa Caves Historical Facts and Pictures

Pertosa Caves, also called Grotte di Pertosa, is an underground cave system with karst topography situated in a scenic amphitheater that is surrounded by the Alburni Mountain Range at about 70 km from the Salerno province.

Pertosa Caves

Pertosa Caves


Recent research studies have revealed that these caves, running 2.5 miles deep, were formed 35 million years ago. Moreover, there are plenty of ancient findings proving that these underground caves were already occupied during the Stone Age. The existence of a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael also confirms that it was used as a place of worship by the Romans and the Greeks.


The 3,000 meters long cave winds through imposing grottoes and underground passages filled with astonishing stalagmites and stalactites. These are quite unique due to the fact that visitors can view them by crossing an underground lake that is fed by a tributary of the Tanagro River. After crossing the lake, you will be greeted by a stunning underground waterfall. Then you will have to walk through narrow corridors and passages with arabesque designs illuminated by a series of majestic lights. Walls of stalagmites and stalactites will lead you to larger cave galleries.



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Quick Info

Pertosa-Auletta Caves (Grotte di Pertosa-Auletta), Angel Caves (Grotte dell’ Angelo)

40°32’12.98” N and 15°27’19.84” E

Salerno Province, Campania, Italy
Località Muraglione, 18/20, 84030 Pertosa SA, Italy
3,000 m; show cave is 1,200 m long
263 m
+390975 397037