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Historic Centre of Zacatecas Historical Facts and Pictures

The historic town of Zacatecas is a municipality and capital city of the Mexican state of Zacatecas, located between the El Grillo and La Bufa hills. Zacatecas was one of the most significant mining centers of New Spain as well as the hub of cultural expansion, evangelization, and colonization. The visual appearance of Zacatecas has the characteristic beauty of the valley in which the town is situated.

Zacatecas Map

Zacatecas Map



Zacatecas History

Founded in 1548 after a rich silver deposit of San Bernabe was discovered, the historic town of Zacatecas flourished during the 16th-17th centuries. The historic town was established at the southern part of the mining region and centered on the San Augustin quarter. By 1550, the town exhibited extensive silver mining activities with 34 mines in use. Zacatecas was the economic hub for the region, consisting of a system of agricultural estates, villages, and forte for supply and defence.

Zacatecas Cathedral

The Cathedral, located to the south of the city’s main plaza, has a sculpted façade of pink stone with the current structure opened to worship in 1752. The current cathedral exhibiting Mexican Churrigueresque architecture was constructed in 1745 after the first and second churches were in ruins. The eighty-five meters high Cathedral, built of pink sandstone features three naves that have three main portals.

Plaza de Armas

The Plaza de Armas is the main square in Zacatecas, surrounded by important buildings like the Cathedral, the State Congress, and others. The 18th century structure in which the Count de la Laguna lived has now been converted into the State Government Palace, an important building lining the main plaza.

Gonzalez Ortega Market

Constructed in 1889, the market has still preserved its basic façade. This traditional market has now been renovated into a shopping mall with stores specializing in regional sweets, Huichol needlework, charreada gear, antiques, Zacatecas wine, leather, silver, and crafts.


  • Temple of San Francisco, the first monastery in the town was founded in 1568 with the primary objective of evangelization. Although the church is currently in ruins, the complex still houses a museum.
  • Church of St. Augustine, built in 1575, was declared sacred in 1617. Later the church was renovated and then re-consecrated in 1782. Now it is used as the Bishop’s palace.
  • Temple of Santo Domingo was built during the mid-18th century over a platform, making it look enormous. The church has eight Churrigueresque altars with the main neoclassical altar.

Calderon Theater

This theater was constructed as a replacement for the theater that was burned in the 1880s. Since then, it has been operational, having hosted several notable performers.



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