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St Paul’s Cathedral Historical Facts and Pictures

Seat of the Bishop of London, the St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated at the crest of Ludgate Hill, the topmost point of London. Dedicated to Paul the Apostle, St. Paul’s Cathedral is also the mother church of the Diocese of London. Although it was founded in 604 AD, the present structure of the church follows the design of English-Baroque style made by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century.

St. Paul's Cathedral Pictures

St. Paul’s Cathedral Pictures

St. Paul's Cathedral Plan

St. Paul’s Cathedral Plan

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Architecture and Design

The church was originally a Romanesque structure during the Anglo-Saxon age, which was destroyed by a fire in 1087. The Normans reconstructed the church, which was recognized as the Old St. Paul’s Cathedral. The new structure was consecrated in 1240 and the architectural style had undergone a change from Romanesque to Gothic.

St. Paul's Cathedral South West Tower Clock and Bell

St. Paul’s Cathedral South West Tower Clock and Bell

St. Paul's Cathedral West Front

St. Paul’s Cathedral West Front

The Gilt Statue at the Top of St Paul's Cathedral

The Gilt Statue at the Top of St Paul’s Cathedral

The present structure of the cathedral was constructed by Christopher Wren replacing the Old St. Paul’s. The present structure had gone through 5 phases of design. The first was a rectangular structure representing the Basilica form. The second appeared to have been a Greek cross, but was believed by the clerics not fulfilling the necessities of Anglican liturgy. Retaining the Greek cross, the third model of plaster and oak embodied the “Great Model” of 1673. However, it was criticized for being too dissimilar from other English churches. Known as the Warrant design for being affixed by a Royal warrant, in the fourth design Wren reconciled with the predominant Gothic style of the English churches. The final design consisted of several changes and strongly resembles the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

St. Paul's Cathedral at Night

St. Paul’s Cathedral at Night

St. Paul's Cathedral Images

St. Paul’s Cathedral Images

St. Paul's Cathedral Photos

St. Paul’s Cathedral Photos

The Dome of St. Paul's Cathedral

The Dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Interior of St. Paul’s Cathedral

The interior of the cathedral occupies a choir and a nave, in each of the three bays. Consisting of Corinthian pilasters an arcade of piers separate the 91 ft. high nave. The vaults of the choir exemplify lavishly decorated mosaic designs, executed by Sir William Blake Richmond.

St. Paul's Cathedral High Altar

St. Paul’s Cathedral High Altar

St. Paul's Cathedral Interior Dome

St. Paul’s Cathedral Interior Dome

St. Paul's Cathedral Whispering Gallery

St. Paul’s Cathedral Whispering Gallery

The South Choir Organ

The South Choir Organ

Dominating the skyline of London for three hundred years, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most recognizable sights in the city. This is the second largest church in United Kingdom after Liverpool Cathedral and was also the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962.

St. Paul's Whispering Gallery

St. Paul’s Whispering Gallery

The Choir  Looking Towards the Nave

The Choir Looking Towards the Nave

The Choir Looking East

The Choir Looking East

The Nave Looking Towards the Choir

The Nave Looking Towards the Choir



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